Created by Bad Physics

Written by Ciaran McConville

Battersea Arts Centre :: Oct 2011

Director Dan Bird

Technical Designer Ian Stickland

Magic Consultant Keiron Kirkland

Producer Paul Jellis

Cast Mark Conway, Amy Cudden, Hayley Doherty, Dan Ings,

Lucy McCall, Leo Staar

The spirits are restless, the souls of the departed are returning - a portal has been found. The dead and the living will unite again for one final, massive party, before ghouls and ghosts, zombies, skeletons and goblins pass through to the next world…

And hidden somewhere at the heart of it all, two teams of intrepid parapsychologists (don’t call them Ghostbusters) need your help to cure the pain of a lost soul. Will you calm the spirit and lay it to rest? Or will you rip a new arsehole in the fabric of the universe? CROOKED LITTLE HOUSE is an immersive ghost story not for the faint hearted.