Created by Bad Physics

Rich Mix :: May 2014

Director Dan Bird

Script Associate Oliver Birch

Designer Louie Whitemore

Technical Designer Ian Stickland

Producer Paul Jellis

Assistant Director Hannah Joss

Cast Cian Barry, Sophia LaPorta, Kit Lessner, Lotti Maddox

Developed with the support of The Barbican, Rich Mix, and Arts Council England

Bad Physics invite you to the party of a lifetime. Assuming you make it out alive.

When an all-night rave falls prey to dark and mysterious forces, an ordinary group of mates become unlikely heroes in an all out battle between good and evil. And they need your help. Solve puzzles and work together to navigate an explorable building and overcome The Darkening. Only the bravest will succeed in saving the party to end all parties. Oh, and saving the world.

THE DARKENING is a visceral and unsettling horror adventure that takes place at the rave of a lifetime. But it’s not an experience that happens around you – it’s a narrative and action-led story that you’re at the very heart of. It’s an explorable and interactive journey through a unique and disorientating venue – dark, smoky spaces to navigate; filthy bass-driven music; lighting that flickers and flashes – a sweaty, heaving, thumping rave. And it’s the story of a group of mates on a night out – in this space we come one, and everyone is equal. The actors guide the story, but can any of them really be trusted?

THE DARKENING is currently in development. For more information please contact us.