Created by Bad Physics and Focus PR

for Courvoisier :: Sep 2014

“[Bad Physics] hatched all sorts of secrets and surprises to delight our guests and focused on ensuring every aspect ran smoothly. Good planning combined with continuous attention to detail ensured [they] executed our brief with alacrity. I can highly recommend their organisational and creative skills.”

Hilary Crossing, Founder and Managing Director, Focus PR

A two day odyssey from London to Bordeaux to Paris, HERE’S TO NOW was a curated trip that subtly and ingeniously weaved in elements of surprise, spontaneity and the unexpected - a treasure hunt through France like never before. A team of 35 bloggers and competition winners followed clues and responded to actors planted in airports and train stations and within the group itself, to navigate their way from destination to destination - unique taste-testing at Courvoisier’s home in Jarnac, a boutique hotel in Paris, and an exclusive roof terrace  party with a view of the Eiffel Tower, discovering and unlocking bespoke surprises and treats along the way.