Created by Bad Physics and PD3

RayBan :: Sep 2014

Director Dan Bird

Designer Sarah Booth

Producer Paul Jellis

Cast Joe Gallina, Emily Lloyd-Saini, Brendan Murphy, Aron Trausti

“Bad Physics were instrumental in bringing our concept to life in a way which surpassed all our expectations. A brilliant troupe of hard working and talented individuals.”

Danielle Sammeroff, Senior Account Manager, Fuse

“Bad Physics absolutely nailed it and are a pleasure to work with. We received outstanding feedback about them from the client and I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Tom Frain, Head of Production, PD3 Creative Agency

Previously the most secretive non-secret society in the world, for centuries it has been our mission to encourage the world to Never Hide. To promote humankind’s humanness. To celebrate moments of braveness, nobility, creativity, passion, weirdness and sexiness.

At Bestival 2014 RayBan and Bad Physics present festival-goers extreme challenges that would quiver the boots of the hardiest of adventurers. Will you prove your mettle by taking on and defeating the world’s most legendary and dangerous Starers? Or will you step up to plate and submit yourself to the mysterious skills of the Barbarous Barbers? Will you earn yourself a place in the annals of history and join THE ORDER OF NEVER HIDE?