Created by Bad Physics

Written by Ciaran McConville

Latitude Festival :: Jul 2010

Director Dan Bird

Sound Designer Tom Gibbons

Producer Paul Jellis

Assistant Director Elle While

Cast Alex Beckett, Daniel Ings,

Paul Jellis, Zoe Lister,

Michelle Lukes, Natalie Thomas

Bad Physics return to Latitude Festival with a brand new comic romp of casual sex, domestic disputes, backstabbing and drunken revelations. Set at a music festival in Suffolk, PITCHING IN is an in-tents soap opera for the stage – packed with explosive water-cooler moments, tantalising cliffhangers, live sounds effects and performed with hilarious barefaced cheek.

Have you ever had a protracted secret affair with your best friend’s partner that was exposed at their wedding? Found out that you were abandoned as a child and your sister is actually your mum? Killed someone and faked your own death to get away with it, only to return six months later? Whilst at a music festival? PITCHING IN is essential viewing for anyone who’s woken up cider-addled in the wrong person’s tent, wondering if they’ve just been part of their own soap opera. Tune in as the plot develops across the course of the weekend, then on Sunday night catch up on the action so far and watch the climactic end of the series.