Created by Bad Physics

Written by Luke Barnes

Only Connect :: May 2015

Directors Dan Bird and Hannah Joss

Producer Paul Jellis

Cast Gabrielle Ansine, Solomon Israel

Treasure’s bored. No one’s got time for her - not her teachers, not her mum, not anyone from the estate where she lives. Well maybe apart from her best friend (who looks like Beyoncé and smells of cinnamon) but she doesn’t really count, you know? So when she gets with Kelvin in Year 11 it feels like suddenly anything is possible. But there are things she doesn’t know, and rules she’s unaware of, and pretty soon she’s drawn into a world where if everything’s stacked against you, you have to come out fighting.

Developed with members of Only Connect, a creative criminal justice charity, TREASURE is an impassioned, colourful, hard-nosed but joyful story of a school girl lost in a world of chaos.